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What is ATTA?


The Association of Thai Travel Agents, widely known as “ATTA”, is Thailand’s private sector association of travel agents. It is a non-profit
organization that aims at promoting and supporting the Thai travel industry for the benefit of its members, clients and the tourism industry.

ATTA was established in 1968, with just 10 members. The number has grown to 1,340 members through 2006, comprising of 5 honorary members,
1,014 active members and 321 allied members.

In 2005, two million tourists used ATTA’s services at Bangkok, bringing in B80 billion in tourism related income, which is only a part of the
kingdom’s total of B240 billion in tourism revenue. Moreover, ATTA has created jobs for 200,000 people; thus, distributing income to various
businesses involved directly and indirectly in the tourism industry.

ATTA’s objectives


-  To promote and support the travel industry.
-  To research and analyse relevant data, exchange and expand knowledge in regard to the travel industry.
-  To protect and nurture the mutual interests of members, if necessary arbitrating disagreements between members of the Association and non-member
-  To support and co-operate with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Royal Thai Government in increasing the value of tourism to Thailand.
-  To simulate, encourage and promote the desire to travel.
-  To promulgate rules and regulations that will help members boost the performance and integrity of the travel industry.
-  To encourage fair competition in the travel industry.
-  To work with non-travel industry companies, associations and individuals in furthering mutual interests and to improve the role of tourism in the
national economy.
-  To support and improve the efficiency of services rendered by member agents.
-  To refrain from political activities deemed detrimental to the above stated aims.

Past Presidents

1968-1974, 1978
1979, 1983-1985

Mr.Kusa Panyarachum
Mrs.Yavalaksana Pangsapa
Mr.Anant Sirisant
Mr.Prasert Isvarphomchai
Mrs.Yavalaksana Pangsapa
Mr. Saneh R. Jotikasthira
Mr. Anake Srishevachart
Mr. Anant Sirisant
Mr. Saneh R. Jotikasthira
Mr. Suparerk Soorangura
Mr. Suparerk Soorangura
Mr. Apichart Sankary
Mr. Apichart Sankary
Mr. Surapol Sritrakul
Mr. Sisdivachr Cheewarattanaporn

World Travel Service Ltd.
Lucky Travel Service Co.,Ltd.
East-West Tour Co.,Ltd.
Tour World Inc.
Lucky Travel Service Co.,Ltd.
Turismo Thai Co.,Ltd.
Thaisinn Express Co.,Ltd.
East-West (Travel) Group
Turismo Thai Co.,Ltd.
N.S. Travel & Tour Co.,Ltd.
N.S. Travel & Tour Co.,Ltd.
A.E.D Travel Co.,Ltd.
A.E.D Travel Co.,Ltd.
Tampak Tour Co.,Ltd
Quality Express Co.,Ltd

ATTA Management Structure


ATTA’ s management structure is divided into two major parts. First, the Board of Directors, which consists of thirteen active members, some of
whom are elected-including the President, four Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary-General, Honorary Treasurer and other appointed executives,
including Public Relations, Registrar Co-ordinator and Committee Members. The Board of Directors has an administrative term of two years and is
responsible for policy making and overseeing the Association’s operation as its objectives.
Second, there are 95 members of staff led by the Executive Director, who is responsible for implementing policy and planning, and carrying out
operations to meet the stated objectives.

Major Policies

In order to promote and develop the country’s tourism industry, the Association has implemented five major policies:

-  To campaign for more awareness of tourism among Thai people, including more education in schools at all levels, so as tocreate and maintain a positive attitude toward the hospitality for which Thailand is renowned.

-  To campaign for more awareness in all provinces by setting up tourism plans of each province and then supporting the industry in a progressive
-  To train and educate members’ personnel in order to up-grade and increase their management efficiency in travel services.
-  To introduce activities for tourism promotion, such as Travel Exchanges, Workshops and related activities.
-  To co-operate with both the government and private sectors to promote the tourism industry.
-  To campaign for more awareness of environmental factors, so as to nurture sustainable tourism.

The Administrative Departments 2009-2010

Administration Department Mr. Jumpol Chadavadh
Foreign Affairs Department Mr. Ekasith (NINO) Jotikasthira
Marketing Department Mr. Sawat Napol
Destination Promotion Department Mr. Weera Bumrungsee
Service Development Department Mr. Sumet Kriengchaiyaprug
Training & Development Department Mr. Sangiam Ekachote
Communication & press Department Mr. Surapol Sritrakul
Tourism Technology Department Mr. Suthipong Boonchuay