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Subject : Announcement from Immigration Bureau
To : All ATTA Members

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According to Ministerial Regulations on Prescribing the Immigration Forms and the Procedure on Obtaining Re-Entry Permit and Permanent Residence in the Kingdom as Previously Granted, B.E 2559, published in the Government Gazette on December 1st , 2016, the Cabinet decides on using and enforcing the following forms, on January 17th 2017 :
1. New Immigration Forms TM.1-5 and new TM.7-14 will be enforce on January, 30th , 2017 onwards.
2. Old Immigration Forms TM.6 will continue to be used until September 30th , 2017.
3. New Immigration Forms TM.6 is under revised and will be enforced on October 1st , 2017 onwards.

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Details and form of the new TM.1-5 and TM.7-14 can be found at