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Why travel with ATTA’s members?


Important reasons why you should travel with an ATTA registered member company

1. The information contained in the illustrated brochures provided by ATTA registered companies is always accurate, always up to date and always fully detailed


2. The quality of service provided to clients is of the highest order and equivalent to the best internationally recognised standards


3. The cost of airfares is less costly than with competitors and the dates recommended for travel will always reflect the most economic and comfortable time to travel – with due consideration for seasonal conditions
4. Conditions and related costs, particularly in respect of air and surface travel are constantly changing and information that is accurate today may not be applicable tomorrow. The ATTA member companies always have the most up to date information concerning financial aspects of international as well as in country travel and associated conditions. Consequently they can advise clients as to the most economical days on which to commence and terminate holiday arrangements as well as other factors such as weather conditions and festival dates


5. During the most popular vacation periods, airline and hotel bookings may be both difficult to obtain and are often expensive. Due to the vast number of travel, hotel and airline companies who are members of ATTA, problems of this kind and many others such as dietary considerations and the requirements of the physically handicapped, can be solved expediently and to the client’s best advantage


6. All tour and travel companies who are members of ATTA have to be registered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand which is the official Thai Government controlling authority. This means that when you travel with an agent which is a member of ATTA, you can be assured that all monetary exchanges will be properly receipted and all contractual obligations will be met in full. Additionally where and when applicable, full refunds will be made subject to the clearly stipulated conditions and terms of the service being rendered


7. ATTA member companies are the most experienced and conscientious in the services they provide to visitors and pride themselves upon the standards which are maintained regardless of changing circumstances


8. When you travel with an ATTA registered company you can be absolutely sure that in the event of some untoward occurrence, you will never be stranded anywhere without assistance and support, yet alone be left to your own devices in some deserted spot!


9. In short your security and safety as well as your enjoyment and happiness during the time spent in Thailand are the chief concerns of all ATTA companies. It is upon these ideals that they stake their reputation!