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Ecotourism Holidays


Well established as one of the world’s most rewarding travel destinations for ecotourism,Thailand owes its popularity to the remarkable variety of its natural attractions which range from pristine beaches and islands to rugged hills, tropical jungle, rivers and waterfalls, and last but not least its azure seas.


Nature lovers can take pleasure in visiting Thailand’s many national parks which constitute 13 percent of the country’s land mass and are found in all regions. Perhaps the best known is the Khao Yai National Park, which in recent times has been designated a World Heritage Site and is located northeast of Bangkok. This park consists of 542,000 acres of forest, jungle and grassland spread over rolling hills. It is an area of magnificent natural beauty and protected within its borders are bears, tigers, elephants, monkeys , deer and numerous species of birds and butterflies.


Ecotourism is not to be regarded as a sort of designated type of holiday but rather as an “attitude or state of the mind” which should be adopted by all who visit places of natural beauty anywhere in the world.


This extends far beyond putting used plastic bags in a disposal container! In reality ecotourism means showing total respect and the utmost concern for the fauna and flora which are to be found only in the rapidly diminishing beauty spots in the world today.The Government of Thailand and its people are especially pleased to welcome visitors who hold this point of view, especially when visiting eco-defined protected areas and all locations of natural beauty.