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Thai hospitality is renowned the world over and this is a feature of which the Thais are justly proud. The quality of the hotels and the standard of service is equally famous but what is less well-known is the exceptionally high standard of its private health services which is accompanied by moderate costs.

The private hospitals in Thailand are staffed by highly qualified medical staff and equipped with the latest technology which adds a new dimension to its tradition of hospitality. Overseas trained doctors and specialists are the norm, while multilingual staff ensure that there are no barriers to communication. It is also important to note that many private hospitals have established partnerships with first-class international medical schools and health care institutions both in Europe and in the United States of America.


Whether it’s for an annual health checkup or a major medical procedure, all patients are certain to enjoy prompt, personal attention, a relaxing atmosphere and the services of professional highly competent staff and of course an array of always smiling faces!



Many ancillary medical services are also available such as geriatric, cosmetic, massage and other specialist clinics.


Most hospitals in Bangkok, as well as in the main provincial cities and tourist centers provide round-the-clock attention to patients every day of the year. There are fast emergency services available by ambulance as well as helicopter and aircraft, where remote locations are involved. Patients’ records can be swiftly obtained through satellite communications.


Given the high standards which are in operation in Thailand’s private hospitals, the cost involved is far less than the charges for similar treatment in many other countries in the world today.