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Honeymoon Vacations 



What could be a more perfect beginning to wedded bliss than the performance of the official ceremony in the exotic land of what was ancient Siam? Take a look at what Thailand can offer in comparison with many other places in the world

A honeymoon suite in a beautifully situated hotel in idyllic soundings or a beach style cottage on a near deserted island.

An official from the government’s registration office to officially certify the marriage.

A priest or other religious leader (of your choice) to solemnize the marriage.

Complete flower arrangements to decorate the room. Note: orchids are some of the most beautiful flowers in the world and they are not expensive in Thailand!.

Provision of the bride’s bouquet and flowers for the bridesmaids, ladies in waiting, the bestman, guests and whatever is required in accordance with the style of the wedding and clients’ requirements.

A wedding breakfast ranging from a simple selection of tasty snacks (hors d’euves) to a sumptuous multi-course meal.



Whether or not the marriage ceremony is conducted in Thailand, a honeymoon in this country is an experience never to be forgotten for the rest of one’s life! Look at what is available:

a secluded beach resort either on the mainland or on an offshore island

a mountain retreat in the middle of a lush forest

a palatial suite overlooking the mighty Chao Phraya River in Bangkok surrounded by nightlife and shopping like you have never experienced before

a tour around Thailand to experience the cool weather and beauty of the Northern landscape , the warmth of the South and its wonderful beaches and finally perhaps the fun places like Pattaya and Bangkok itself.



A honeymoon is the joyous experience of a lifetime and Thailand is where “it can all come true!”