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Thailand has a network of roads ranging from two lane roads to modern multi lane highways. In addition to these, there are many kinds of small tracks and minor roads that lead into the jungle and connect small villages and towns in the hinterland. As a consequence “in-country” or “overland” travel if you will – is a simple matter based entirely upon a visitor’s interests and choice.
There is also a well developed railway network which stretches from the North through the Central Plains to the Far South and the border with Malaysia.

Last but certainly not the least, there are a number of airports, several of which handle international flights. In addition to these major airports, there are a great number of smaller air strips which are used by light aircraft carrying small numbers of passengers for internal travel.

Consequently, there are many many options for visitors to use when traveling around Thailand to see the sights as it were! The options are as many as the facilities for traveling outlined above and these would include:

a full sized air conditioned coach with reclining seats with head and arm rests, toilet facilities and a tour guide.
a mini bus equipped with air conditioning and seats for about ten people.
a private hire car (a wide variety is available from the jeep type of vehicle to luxurious saloons) motor cycles, all types and sizes bicycles for the more energetic.
travel by the trains run by the State Railway of Thailand which provides for first, second and third class seats and couchettes.
air travel by large jets, smaller piston engined planes, light four-seater aircraft, and for those where time is at a premium there are helicopters for hire.


Much depends upon when, how and to where an individual wants to travel. Many tourists enjoy the exercise and being able to hear the sights and sounds of the birds in a forest or game reserve which can only be experienced when riding a bicycle or by walking, but this is for those that have time to spare as well as the inclination!Most visitors chose to use a bus either as a group or individually and some, when time is of the essence, use a plane to travel. Whichever way one chooses to travel “overland” in Thailand there is an abundance of provisions!