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Well established as one of the world’s most rewarding travel destinations, Thailand owes its popularity to the remarkable variety of its attractions from deep blue seas to lush green forests. With more than 2,500 kilometers of coastline,Thailand is generously provided with sandy beaches, sheltered bays and idyllic islands.
From busy fishing villages to near-deserted expanses of powdery white sand, the sights and sounds vary depending on location, as does as the style of seaside vacations. What remains constant is the tropical climate and the year-round sunshine. Many of the beaches in the Gulf of Thailand have blossomed into fully fledged resorts. Each has its own distinct character, like the fun-packed Pattaya Beach and the more typically classic resort of Hua Hin. Travel beyond these spots into the eastern provinces of Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat, and you’ll discover near pristine coastal and island environments.


Different again is the Far South where Trang and the islands of Phuket and Samui are internationally renowned resorts with some of the world’s finest beaches and scuba diving potentials.




Pattaya is one of the best known of beach resorts in Thailand and features a wonderful natural bay. To the south lies a long sandy beach known as Jomtien which has become a residential area all of its own. Offshore there are more than a dozen islands which have become extremely popular with day trippers. Pattaya itself has grown dramatically over the past 25 years from a quiet fishing village into a mature international beach resort, with a comprehensive range of entertainment and sporting attractions.
Indeed, few holiday destinations in Asia can match the variety of pastimes to be found at Pattaya and its suburb of Jomtien. These include all kinds of water sports, archery, bowling, horse riding, go-karting, tennis and scuba diving and micro light flying. Also within easy reach of Pattaya is a score of international quality golf courses. The resort’s nightlife is legendary and caters for people of all ages and inclinations including young children. A wide range of accommodation is available from simple rooms to five-star hotels and just about everything else in between.




This is a rapidlygrowing province to the east of Pattaya which is far less developed but has some extremely fine beaches. The best known of these is Mae Rampueng, a long and largely empty stretch with only a handful of small hotels and bungalow complexes. Apart from its beautiful coastline and offshore islands, Rayong is also renowned for its scenic hinterland, full of forests, hills and national parks.




A short distance further to the east, Chantaburi is one of the most interesting and attractive towns in this region of Thailand. Set admist a series of hills in which small lanes wind their way around local markets and even a large Catholic church, Chantaburi is Thailand’s leading gems center. This is a mecca for miners and buyers from all over the world. This region is also famous for its bountiful fruit supplies which are featured in an annual fair held in Chantaburi town.




Close to the border with Cambodia, the town of Trat serves as an overnight destination for travelers wishing to visit many islands dotted along this part of the Eastern Seaboard. Of these, Ko Chang is the most popular and it is also Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket. This island features some of the most pristine scenery and here one finds virgin tropical jungle that sweeps majestically over the steep cliffs to sandy beaches.